4Q Marketing Framework

Our approach to B2B marketing

Marketing is the larger framework into which a B2B company’s brand fits. There are countless ways to define marketing; at 5MetaCom, we developed our own framework that condenses the discipline of marketing into a new model that involves answering four simple questions. We call this approach the “4Q Marketing Framework.”

What to do? (Strategy)

This question speaks to all the choices on how to go to market. Think of strategy simply as “where and how to compete.” Strategy also includes positioning.

What to say? (Messaging)

These are the ideas, values and words that communicate what’s desirable and unique about the company. This is also often referred to as the value proposition. Messaging also includes the “proof points” that back up and support what is said. This can be addressed through a process of crafting 3-second, 30-second, 3-minute and 30-minute messages that align with the brand.

How to say it (Tactics)

In this step, messaging is made tangible. Ad agencies have traditionally owned this space with their creativity and “big ideas” that give life and expression to brands. Answering this question also involves devising the tactical plan to carry the big ideas to audiences in all forms. Words, pictures and media—in all types: owned, earned and paid—come into play here.

How to get it heard (Mobilization)

Implementation sets branding into motion. Creative work is produced and deployed through the tactics from the marketing plan. Implementation also includes aligning employees to the brand through the process of enrollment. Many companies do the first part of implementation (deploying the creative), but miss the critical step of people alignment. To truly succeed in the marketplace, a “considered purchase” company must align the behaviors of its people to the brand.

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