The 5MetaCom Marketing Process

Our Approach to Technical and Scientific Marketing

What makes us different?

Our B2B marketing process for technical and scientific products makes us different. Other agencies may just focus on creative. Or jump straight to tactics. Sometimes they skip over process altogether. We look different than them. And we want to. Why? to replicate success. Our clients’ success.

Having a process guides our marketing efforts. It helps us create clearer, more effective and memorable marketing communications.

How does our B2B marketing process work?

Let’s look closer at each of the five components of our approach.

1. Strategy: Seizing opportunities.

What is strategy? For branding endeavors, strategy establishes your marketplace position to communicate what you do and who you’re for. For marketing/advertising campaigns, strategy leverages current marketplace conditions.

How do we approach strategy development? As the heart and lifeblood of marketing communications. Our work begins and ends with the client’s marketing objective. To fulfill that objective, we develop ideas, approaches and strategies to create or seize marketplace opportunities.

2. Message: What to say.

What is the message? In its simplest state, the message is the idea being communicated.

How do we approach message development? As a tool for changing minds. The message motivates audiences to move from their current mindset to the client’s desired mindset for them. Unlike most agencies, we separate message from creative development. Why? To ensure the message doesn’t change from its original intent. The message takes the form of a plain spoken, dispassionate, audience-focused idea and becomes a benchmark for future creative.

3. Creative: How to say it.

What is the creative? Something audiences will notice, understand and respond to.

How do we approach creative? With discipline. Unlike other agencies, we don’t develop creative simply for the sake of being creative. We create attention-getting, interesting, attractive, understandable communications which stay loyal to the client’s brand.

4. Tactics: How to deliver it.

What are tactics? Tools to deliver the message and creative into the marketplace.

How do we approach tactical development? As a system. Each tactic has a specific objective and intended use within that system. The set of tactics works together to lead audiences to a desired action.

5. Process: How to get it done.

What is the process? The procedures 5MetaCom uses to bring all these elements together in a coordinated, effective fashion.

How do we approach process? As fundamental to achieving client objectives. Process seems dull and boring. And it is. But it yields superior results. The chaos and confusion you find in most agencies creates a hit-or-miss environment. We develop and replicate processes using proprietary systems, software, forms and process flow.

What does marketing development without a process look like?

Development without a process is chaotic, random, disconnected and expensive. Creative tends to take center stage and other essential components such as strategy and message, take a secondary role.

Want to put our process to the test? Let’s chat.