Build a Long-Lasting, Effective Brand

Strengthen your brand

Your brand is not just a logo or a name. It’s an idea that exists in the minds of your audience. 5MetaCom has a process to find, develop and nurture this idea, then replicate and deliver it into the marketplace.

Our 5-step approach to branding

  1. Brand Discovery: Understanding your current reality (where you are) and desired state (where you want to go)
  2. Brand Envisioning: Developing the core elements and foundation of the brand
  3. Brand Expression: Creating the tangible elements to represent the brand
  4. Brand Mobilization: Creating tools to deliver the brand message into the marketplace
  5. Brand Stewardship: Protecting the long-term value of the brand

Our branding philosophy

At 5MetaCom, we believe that branding is the interaction of three key components: positioning, frequency and consistency.


In the most basic terms, positioning communicates what you do and who you’re for. We believe your brand position should be narrow. Although you might want to be all things to all people, most successful brands, particularly within the realm of technical and scientific products, reach a narrower target.


One of the most important—and misunderstood—components of branding is frequency. You must tell your audience what you do and who you’re for, again and again—and again. Why? Because people forget. Research shows that 95 percent of new information learned is forgotten in 30 days or less. So without frequency, people will forget about you.


Your brand message must be recognizably consistent with the last brand message you sent, in terms of image, personality, tone, position and message—across all media. A communication from you should always look as if it comes from you. Consistency is the glue that bonds your brand position and frequency to help you deliver clear and memorable brand messages.

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