3-30/3-30 Messaging

Can you differentiate your brand in 3 seconds?

Human beings have an uncanny ability to size up a situation quickly, and make fast, good decisions.

In B2B, a brief positive corporate brand impression is a foot in the door to a longer conversation with a customer. Yet brevity with B2B brands is a real challenge. It may feel like your brand needs 30 minutes to properly explain, but the reality is that most customers ask, “What do you folks do?” And in that moment of truth you’ve got a couple of seconds to answer. Do a good job in three seconds or so, and you earn the right to say more. That’s why it’s critical to craft a focused brand message that quickly communicates the essence of your brand.

3-30/3-30 messaging is a technique to help you create that quick message, and assist you in developing consistent, longer messages to carry the discussion further. This technique can be used for product and company brands alike.

Using the 5MetaCom 3-30/3-30 principle to develop a brand message platform helps deliver communication clarity across audiences. The message platform also informs the creative execution of the corporate brand, ensuring that whether the message is delivered by a website, an ad or employees, the brand is always represented consistently.

3-30/3-30 message platform worksheet

3-30/3-30 stands for: 3 seconds, 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 30 minutes.

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