Our Philosophy: Easier to Buy and Easier to Sell

Our B2B Marketing Philosophy for Technical and Scientific Products

Marketing technical and scientific products in today’s marketplace

Marketers face many challenges. Product and service categories have subdivided. So buyers have more choices. Compounding that: an increasing rate of marketplace change and rapid turnover of buyers and sellers. Not to mention companies continue to accelerate the new product development cycle.

Given these complexities, it’s hard, if not impossible, to reach each prospect personally. Multiple decision makers – along with people influencing them – are hidden. Prospects screen out your attempts to contact them. Adding to that, you may have more restrictions on what you can say and how you can market products.

Together these factors make it difficult to identify and communicate with the right audience. What can you do? Maybe you could just hire more sales reps. Or work even harder. But if you’ve given up on these approaches, there’s another way. You could make your products and services Easier to Buy and Easier to Sell.

What is “Easier to Buy and Easier to Sell”?

These two concepts probably sound like the same thing. But they’re not. They describe two different ways of looking at and communicating about your products in the marketplace. The “Easier to Buy” aspect emphasizes the customer’s point of view in the way companies market products. On the other hand, “Easier to Sell” emphasizes ease and efficiency for the seller – you.

Five┬ábenefits “Easier to Buy and Easier to Sell” offers to you:

1. Lets you charge premium prices.

2. Avoids product commodization.

3. Leads prospects from awareness and interest to product adoption.

4. Maximizes the impact of your sales force.

5. Aligns your sales and marketing efforts.


How do you know if “Easier to Buy and Easier to Sell” is for you?

To decide if these marketplace concepts have a fit for your company, consider:

1. Informally auditing your product communications:

Review some of your latest pieces. Do they highlight customer benefits? Simplify complex messages? Make information easy to understand?

2. Sampling a small group of customers:

Show some customers and prospects a few of your marketing communication materials. Ask them whether they could more easily make a purchase as a result of your communications.

3. Getting input from your sales:

Ask a few sales reps how easily they can sell products using your current marketing materials. What would make their job even easier?

4. Coordinating a larger focus group:

If you’ve got the time and budget, formally test your marketing messages and creative with potential buyers and/or your sales force.

Want help making your products Easier to Buy and Easier to Sell? Contact us to start the discussion.