5MetaCom’s Technical and Scientific Marketing Approach

Three paths to consider for moving forward

There’s seldom, if ever, a one-size-fits-all solution to technical and scientific marketing issues and communications challenges. Given that, 5MetaCom developed three different options consisting of tools and services to fit varying marketplace situations or opportunities.

Consultation: What is involved?

Discussions about and analysis of your current marketing situation and where your company, product or service is heading.

What you get:

Ranges from ongoing dialogue and counsel to a customized, written analysis of your marketing situation with ideas for how to move forward.

You have options in how you’d like to work with 5MetaCom. We’ve summarized three of the most common paths, although there are infinite possibilities.

Brand or Marketing Campaign Development: What is involved?

For brand building: Finding, developing and nurturing the essence of your company, product or service into a strong, distinguishing brand identity.

For campaigning: Transforming a more narrow sales or marketing goal into reality using communications strategy, creativity and tactical delivery.

What you get:

For brand building:

  • Structure-defining fundamental brand components
  • Brand image or identity
  • Creative platform and tactical plan to guide subsequent marketplace delivery of the brand

For campaigning:

  • Framework of message, strategies and other campaign fundamentals
  • Creative platform and tactical plan to guide subsequent marketplace delivery of the campaign
  • Cornerstone piece to establish campaign creative look and feel

Creative Development/Production: What is involved?

Mobilizes your brand identity or campaign message for marketplace delivery via a system of creative tools and tactics. Each tactic has a specific objective and intended use within that system.

What you get:

  • Finished marketing materials for marketplace delivery such as:
    • Brochures
    • Ads
    • Direct mail
    • Website
    • Sales tools

* Dollar signs represent relative costs associated with each phase. Based on preliminary discussions, 5MetaCom prepares a detailed cost estimate for your review.

Finding the right fit

Choosing an option for marketing and creative services

OPTION 1 — Consultation

Why would you do it?

You want an opinion about a marketing situation or issue from experienced people. Or you want someone to help you think through possible paths for moving forward in your marketing approach.

How it works:

Your marketing team and/or executives may talk with 5MetaCom by phone or in a face-to-face meeting. We’ll discuss your marketing situation or challenge and provide our thoughts on the situation. We’ll ask you lots of questions. We’ll offer you our advice or counsel. Depending on the situation, we might continue to have a dialogue or provide you with a written marketing analysis with recommendations.

OPTION 2 — Brand or Marketing Campaign Development

Why would you do it?

You see opportunities to gain understanding, influence, awareness, sales or market share. Or you’re not getting full/appropriate credit in the marketplace for your product’s advantages. Maybe your corporate strategy isn’t linked to field action.

How it works:

Depending on your marketing challenge or opportunity, we might interview selected marketers, sales people and executives within your company. Other potential activities with Option 2 include having us:

  • Talk one-on-one with selected customers, prospects and industry influencers in a handful of sessions.
  • Examine the current attitudes and mindset of these key audiences.
  • Discover what mindset is necessary to build audience preference for your offering.
  • Explore how your company fits within the marketplace and where opportunities exist.

The final deliverable is a blueprint for using marketing to achieve your goals. This blueprint directs subsequent creative development and tactical delivery.

OPTION 3 — Creative Development/Production

Why would you do it?

You already have a brand or campaign framework in place and need a way to produce creative and tactical pieces for marketplace delivery. Or you’ve worked with 5MetaCom to develop the brand or campaign foundation in Option 2 and are ready to have us do the creative work.

How it works:

Building from your existing brand or campaign framework, or using the foundation created in Option 2, any number of tactics you select come to life. These may include brochures, ads, direct mailers, websites and sales tools, to name a few. The creative work gives a voice and expression to your brand or campaign. Creative takes the form of words and pictures to be used in advertising and marketing communications. At the end of this phase, you’ll have finished marketing materials and communications pieces ready for marketplace introduction and use.

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