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Source Sans Pro (headlines and body text)
Vox Semibold (hero image headline)


5Metacom Blue

5Metacom Medium Gray

Image Sizes

Knowledge Hub Featured Image and Download Image: 386px by 500px

Work Featured Image: 300px by 200px
Please enter color images – CSS is used to make them look black & white.

How to Enter New Posts (Knowledge Hub)

There are two ways to enter new Posts to the Knowledge Hub.

  • The first is just to duplicate an existing post and make all the necessary changes.
  • The other is to start from scratch.

What follows is a screencast that outlines how to create a new Post and add all the necessary components to make it work.

Before you start, you should have the final download PDF ready, the PDF image for the download section and the post featured image.  The PDF image and be the same as the post featured image.

When finished, you should publish and test the main Knowledge Hub page, the resource page and submit the download form to make ensure everything looks and works correctly.

Add a New Post Screencast

Primary Steps:

Before you start, upload the Resource featured image and PDF download to the Media section in the WordPress Dashboard.

  1. In Gravity Forms
    1. Copy existing Lead Magnet form
    2. Rename form – match existing naming structure
    3. Update form Notifications
      1. Subject line for downloader Notification emai.
      2. PDF download link for downloader Notification email
    4. Take note of the Gravity Form ID number
  2. Create New Post
    1. Add Title
    2. Select appropriate Category and enter all Tags
    3. Enter Featured Image (386px by 500p)
    4. Enable Divi Builder – select “BUILD FROM SCRATCH” option
      1. Under Divi Page Settings box, select “Fullwidth” for Page Layout and “Hide” for Post Title
      2. Add Post content
        1. First content section needs a top padding of 50px
        2. The last content section needs a bottom padding of 50px
      3. Add Post Navigation Library item (called Knowledge Hub Post Navigation)
        1. Do not edit this Library item – it is a Global item
      4. If a Resource, add Resource CTA Library item (called Knowledge Hub Resource Download)
          1. Update Resource Image
            1. Same image used as Feature Image
          2. Update Title
          3. Update Gravity Forms code
      5. Add Related Posts Library item (called Knowledge Hub Related Posts)
        1. This Library item loads related posts based on Category
        2. Change the shortcode within the Code Module to correspond to the appropriate Category
          1. Podcasts – [wpgb_grid id="7"]
          2. News – [wpgb_grid id="5"]
          3. Blog – [wpgb_grid id="6"]
          4. Resources – [wpgb_grid id="2"]
  3. Save Draft and test page and form
  4. Once all testing is done, Publish the post and again check and text all appropriate pages