Brand Reorganization And Rebranding Creates Premium Position For Former “Low-Cost Leader” Seed Company

Brand Reorganization and Rebranding Creates Premium Position for Former “Low-Cost Leader” Seed Company

Once seen as a low-cost leader, 5MetaCom helped the client streamline its product line and position itself as a premium brand prior to the introduction of industry-changing technology.

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Acquire a company with several brands…keep every last product line and SKU…maintain low prices…all while preparing to launch a revolutionary new technology. Blend that together and what do you get?

  1. Not much
  2. A mess
  3. A low-cost leader with disappointing sales and profits
  4. All of the above.

Such was the situation when our client turned to 5MetaCom for rebranding a company they bought and help with implementing their new strategy. Starting from “4.” and armed with nothing more than a new brand name, the company followed the path laid out by 5MetaCom’s “People Powered Brand” process. And where has the journey taken them? Hint: We wouldn’t have posed the question if the answer wasn’t “to the top.”

The Work

Research: Understand current reality and what’s possible

  • In-depth qualitative research with customers and internal teams revealed:
    • Customers had little affinity to the company but cared deeply about the products.
    • The company sold hundreds of products, some with extremely low margins.

Strategy: Prototype the desired brand

  • Positioned the client as a premium brand, representing fewer, but more valuable, products.
  • Rebranded/created new product brands that commanded higher premiums in the market, improving margin.
  • Reduced number of SKUs.
  • Emphasized product brands in marketing communications/advertising.
  • Promoted client’s specialized focus to differentiate from the competition.

Creative Expression: Communications & Branding

  • Created the brand around product excellence:
    • Brand story: It’s about raising your expectations.
    • Look and feel: Clean, bright and contemporary.
    • Key visual: Product packaging buyers would recognize.
  • Developed marketing plan and key tactics:
    • Advertising campaign: Targeted to likely buyers of higher-margin products
    • Direct response campaign: Fed leads to sales force.
    • Product launch: Rolled out an innovative, patented product and a brand-new product category.
    • Digital: Website development
    • Sales support: brochures, presentations, fact sheets
  • Brand enrollment: Employees learned to live the brand and internalize concise, effective brand messaging.

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One year into the rebranding effort, 5MetaCom helped the client launch one the of most innovative products the industry has ever seen – and established a completely new product category. The new category put the competition on its heels and helped fully position the client as the premium brand in the marketplace.

Today, the client is a leader in the industry. Concurrent with the rebranding effort, the company shed hundreds of SKUs, raised value delivered to customers (and correspondingly, price), reconfigured its distribution/sales network and streamlined its offering into one single, powerful brand in the marketplace.