Technical and Scientific Marketing:
It’s in our DNA

About Us

Marketing technical and scientific products comes with a unique set of challenges. Everything from regulations to dense specs and stringent compliance can make it easy to lose sight of your product’s true advantages. That’s why it helps to have a marketing partner that speaks your language—cutting through the legalese and technical jargon—to help differentiate your product and dominate the marketplace.

Located in Indianapolis, IN, we’re one of the country’s leading advertising agencies for technical and scientific products. At 5MetaCom, we’ve created an approach tailored specifically for organizations that have a specialized message for a specialized audience. And for over 40 years, we’ve been transforming complicated messages into straightforward communications that cut through the clutter.

Why We Exist

We exist because the ability of companies to innovate has outpaced their ability to effectively communicate. Making a sale today isn’t just about a product’s technological innovation, it’s about a company’s ability to explain their technology in terms that are meaningful for the buyer. At 5MetaCom, we can help you do this. And it’s where the real benefit of our specialized focus becomes clear.

Our approach is both philosophically and practically different. It includes methods of business analysis, strategy development, message creation and tactical execution to differentiate technical and scientific products and to help our clients win in the marketplace.

What's in a Name

Markets Served

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Animal health and nutrition
  • Building materials
  • Commercial construction
  • Composites
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Genetics
  • Material handling and motive power
  • Medical device
  • Oil and gas
  • Orthopedics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Specialty chemicals
  • And more…

What Clients Say

“I believe your branding and rollout was a home run that will serve us for a very long time.​”


“I’ve been making new business calls for the past nine years. For the first time, I have a clear, simple message that defines who we are as a company and how we provide value. And I can do this in less than one minute.”


“We’re in a great spot. We have a platform. We have a common vocabulary. We have a method we can be consistent with. They (our people) understand the messages. Three years ago, people asked, ‘Who (are you)?’ People don’t ask that anymore. (In the past), we did a logo and no one noticed.”

—Marketing Manager

“I’ve been going to tradeshows for over 25 years and this year is the first time I’ve actually enjoyed it. I had people coming up and telling me about their experiences with our product. You guys had an approach to launching and positioning the product and it worked.”

—Marketing Director

“You’re the first marketing folks I’d be comfortable taking in front of my customers.”

—Sales Manager

“I’ve just spoken with our biz dev manager and he reported that we’ve been contacted directly by an OEM and several Tier 1s as a direct result of the coverage you guys got. He said he’d been trying to get in touch with one of them for months and they’ve just reached out and referenced the article. These are big “gets” for us – so thank you again for all your work on this!”

—Director of Sales & Business Development