The Marketing Wedge

A conceptual tool to better deploy your marketing resources

Mass Equals:

Frequency and Consistency

  • Brand Mobilization
    • Creating a system of tools and tactics to deliver the brand message through sales and media channels:
      • Advertising
      • Public Relations
      • Promotions
      • Direct Mail/Database/One-to-One
      • Sales Calls
      • Website
  • Brand Stewardship
    • Protecting the brand’s long-term value through consistent messaging

    Edge Equals:


    • Brand Discovery
      • Understanding where you are and where you are trying to go
    • Brand Envisioning
      • Developing the brand’s foundational structure and planning tactics to deliver the brand to audiences
    • Brand Expression
      • Creating the brand’s tangible elements and creative foundation (name, logos, graphic style and copy platform)
        An effective Marketing Wedge gives you the right balance to drive your brand into the market.


        • Spending adequate time and budget on your strategy, position and message infuses your Marketing Wedge with two key characteristics — sharpness, for a concise and memorable message, and durability, for messages to resonate and continue to work hard over time.
        • The Marketing Wedge approach does not advocate spending more marketing dollars — it suggests you spend your resources differently. For example, reallocating dollars between mass and edge for more branding power and improved efficiency.